Future Focus: The Way Ahead
The final session on the way forward for our churchwas held on Saturday 8th July, around 30 people attended this meeting. The reports on all the Future Focus meetings are now available.
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Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

Three groups are being formed to take three areas for development forwards:

Community, Worship and Buildings

Presbytery Big Ouestion meeting: This will be held on Tuesday 28th November in our church hall. The subject this year is “Life Hurts” about mental health in young people.  Guest speaker is Dr Elizabeth McNaught author of “Life Hurts”, a personal journey through anorexia. The evening starts at 7pm  . Refreshments will be provided.

Sleep in the Park: Social Bite, a proactive charity working around Scotland for the homeless, has organised the world’s largest ever sleepout in Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens on Saturday 9th December. You are invited to join them, as well as a range of musicians and other stars,  to raise money for the homeless in Scotland. To find out more about this visit